We have released another version of VisionTrax! Below are the list of features and bugs included in this release. If you need assistance or have any questions, please contact support at: support@vision-trax.com


Forms (new!)​

  • We’re excited to announce the release of this new feature for VisionTrax. Forms allows managers to create custom forms (or surveys) that can used to collect all kinds of information from their users. For example:
  1. Ask your employees if they were injured on the job when filling out a work entry, and if they indicate ‘yes’, you can collect more information about their injury.
  2. If you are collecting a daily work report from your foremen you can now use VisionTrax to design that form and collect those reports electronically.
  3. Use this new feature to provide a quick way for employees to request materials needed on a particular job (Purchase Order Form)
  4. Would you like to implement an employee suggestion program so employees have an organized way to submit their ideas?
  5. Run a survey where you can ask employees to vote on what kind of activities they would like to do for your next Christmas Party.
  6. Many more examples... We’re excited to see how you use this new tool.  Please contact our support staff for more information.

YouTube - Forms Module

Project Health Report

  • Great new report for reviewing the health of your projects. What do we mean by “Health”? This project list report shows:
  1. Overall Productivity compared to Target Productivity setup for the project.
  2. Average productivity for the last 2,4 or 8 weeks.
  3. Number of task sliders that have not been moved.
  4. Graph of the productivity
  5. Projected productivity trend for the current week.

YouTube - Project Health Report

Payroll Labor Burden

  • VisionTrax now supports specifying the labor burden for your business. This labor burden is used when calculating throughput and productivity as well as on the payroll summary report.

YouTube - Labor Burden

Negative Change Orders

  • VisionTrax now allows mangers to add negative changes orders to projects.

YouTube - Negative Change Orders

Better Profile Picture Support

  • Users can now change their profile picture much easier. Just click the “Upload Image” button on the user settings page and pick a picture.

YouTube - Profile Pictures

Task Progress % Complete

  • It's now displayed along with % Remaining.

YouTube - % Remaining

Watch this for more information: VisionTrax2.0